Operating System Setup

We will learn programming on Linux operating system, so we need to first set up one.

Operating system is the first software our Computer gets right after it leaves the production line. Well, the OS might even be installed before the Computer is fully assembled. So if we don’t like or do not want to use the OS that comes with the computer, we need to replace it, right?

So most Computers come with Windows operating system on it, let’s wipe off that and install Linux instead.

But wait, you don’t want to lose all the data there on Windows, more importantly, you don’t want to lose the games you installed there. Programming is fun, but certainly you’ll want to come to those games sometime. :-)

We’ll do it in a non-destructive way. We’ll keep the Windows, and install Linux within Windows!

This is called virtualization, imagine there will be a another *soft* computer within the Windows, we simply install Linux to this *soft* computer.

We call this Computer *soft*,  because it is a computer made of Software.

Ok, let’s create this *soft* computer first by installing a software called VirtualBox, visit the downloads link, download and install VirtualBox for Windows host.

Once that is installed, you can now create as many *soft* computers as you want, and install any Operating System you like on them, including Windows. So you’ll have computer inside of computer, isn’t that cool?

Open VirtualBox, click ‘New’, then follow the on-screen instructions there to create a Computer (or machine), give it 40GB disk, 1GB memory, and 1 CPU.

Now you have a brand new ‘Computer’, let’s install Linux on it.

We’ll be using Ubuntu Linux, visit desktop downloads to get the installation file. Then install it onto the brand new *soft* Computer we just created. Search “Ubuntu virtualbox install”, you’ll find lots of instructions and tutorials. For example, after initial installation, you may also want to install VirtualBox Extension Pack so that the new *soft* Computer display can take up full screen.

Click the newly installed Ubuntu Linux, you now have a Linux operating system running, within Windows!

Next, let’s get familiar with our new Linux friend, as he’ll be the one that helps us programming …

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