Hello Programming

Programming is about asking computer to do what we want it to do. Now follow me, “hey Mr. computer, please say hello” …

Well, nothing happens, no matter how polite I am, the computer just sits there doing nothing, or rather, doing its own thing.

To let computer actually do something, we need to be formal, we need to put everything in writing. This writing is called programming.

The above is not entirely true though, computer also takes voice command, for example with ‘Ok Google’ or ‘SiRi’, you can ‘tell’ computer what to do. Although what computer can do in this case is very limited today, this certainly will change. Maybe some day in the future, the programming can be entirely achieved verbally. For now though, we will focus on programming in writing. And hopefully our wonderful programming technique in writing will greatly shorten the time to that future, both ‘Ok Google’ and ‘SiRi’ are programs written by engineers after all.

Back to writing, there is a few questions we need to answer,

  • what do we use to write?
  • what language shall we write in?
  • how do we let computer read our writing?

Answering all that, we’ll have something in writing that the computer can understand, and hopefully computer will actually do what it reads.

This is something in writing is called Program.

To answer all those questions, let’s first take a step back, and see who will actually read our Program and do the things we write down there.

Computer, of course.

That is correct, but there is more. Our program can be read and understood by many more, for example, phone, tablet are the two where we can download program to. There is even more, music player, video game console, TV,  car, many of the electrical things around us can read and run program.

Computer is a little bit special, it understands the Program we write, it is also the tool we use to write our program with. So we will start with Computer …

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